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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013.

(my apologies for this blog was set up correctly on my drafts page.
and as soon as i published it, the pictures and words went all crazy on me...
i tried to fix it about 5x now.
and it won't fix. :) so. i am DONE with it. :)   )

Brrrrr. bring back the warm temperatures please. :)

some pics of Easter...
unfortunately we didn't get a family picture this year.
boo. on us. :(

as i mentioned previously,
we got chicks again on wed. and thur. of last week.
i was hoping to get some easter chick pictures...but it's been so windy around here.
i didn't bother. yet.
no need to get our chicks sick. lol.

 photo march2013592_zpsca51ed92.jpg
(calli was teaching the peep how to was hilarious to listen to her...)

 photo march2013579_zps2f006e65.jpg
(calli is proud of her finds...)

 photo march2013578_zps61ba2c4d.jpg
(there are always great spots to hide eggs at my parents house).  :)

 photo march2013606_zpse2edb0c4.jpg
(gorgeous daffodils from my mother-in-law)

 photo march2013608_zps21150c26.jpg
(kaycee is begging to do gymnastics...i keep putting her off.  :(  )

 photo march2013601_zps188c3e6d.jpg
(i made these egg rice krispie treats for campbell's class...
they turned out really cute...)

 photo march2013581_zps07be0fe2.jpg
(nephew ezra with niece piper...she was sharing her candy...)

hoping your Easter was filled with much happiness and reflection.
a friend sent me this to watch.
i loved it.
i have watched it over and over again...

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