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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


so. it turns out i thought i was "busy" before matt's surgery.
i realize now that i didn't know what busy really meant.

my head is spinning most days.
i don't have much "spare" time.
blogging and some other things will just have to wait.
i used to think i could "make" time for whatever was a priority.
and while that is still true to a degree.
i am finding i don't always have any extra time to fit things into.
even priority's.
if that even makes sense?

all that to say. i will catch the blog up soon.
pictures too.

matt is doing well.
hope for staples to come out friday.
still not driving,
and has a crazy amount of settlements and real estate appointments this week.
which is a good thing, but...
lots of driving him around.

i am thankful to those who have helped with that.
or helped with childcare so i can attend therapies and surgeon follow up appointments.

part of the not driving thing is sure, that he is still on narcotics for pain relief.
the other part, which i am not sure he completely understands,  is that if he is unable to drive...
that that will encourage staying home and resting, with his leg elevated.

he knows now that it makes a big difference in the amount of swelling in his leg...
the days he has appointments all day. and the days he is home keeping his leg elevated.
it is a frustrating balance.
just because he  feels "good enough" to drive...
doesn't mean that that is the "best" thing for him right now...

does that make sense?

this first week was very crucial to his healing success...
i think he did a great job, for the most part...
he didn't go inside the chicken houses (until today)  :)
i was hoping to keep him out of there until his staples are out...
we cannot afford for his knee to get infected. believe me. :)

not that he is out of the woods by any means...
thank you again for your prayers.
every one counts and is felt. :)
i am sure of it. i am still standing.
and still have a smile on my face sometimes.
eat chicken!!!
i am thankful for a hard working husband who works so labor intensively for us.
i will be very thankful when it's him again, and not me.
i love to do whatever i can to help him.
but i have no problem staying in the house and cooking and cleaning. :)
have a great day...

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Ang Stoltzfus said...

such a supportive wife you are!!! so sorry i missed you today. :(