"come to me"

i have been a part of Moms in Prayer ever since Kaden went to kindergarten. We first met at Highland Baptist Church, right down the road... but now we meet at MY house... very convenient. it's a small group of mom's whose children go to Octorara. it is being intentional about praying for your kids... being intentional about praying scripture over your kids... the school district and it's leaders and teachers... which is so good and necessary i believe... if you have a child in the octorara school district, and would like to come and listen in, please leave me a message, or get a hold of me. we would LOVE to have you... we don't have our start up date planned yet, but i will post it, as soon as i do... the following video is about a conference coming up at sandy cove retreat center. i have never been there, but people rave about it... it's not very far, so i am considering going... wanna go? :)))


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