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Thursday, August 22, 2013

* school takes a lot *

we LOVE this commercial at my house

school DOES take a lot.
and i DO love target.

it's pretty much a good thing there is not one closer.

room reveals coming soon.

turns out i found a quilt, on clearance, [at target, no doubt] for kaden's room.
it looks devine. on his bed.
i LOVE it.

started painting kaycee's room yesterday.
and found comforters, on clearance, [at target again] for their room...

and we got a new bunk bed [guess where] for campbell and calli's room.
and that comes today.
so...we got them new bedspreads too.

here is to a happy. and organized.
[i hope to re-organize my house when the kids get back to school...already started on some projects]
new school year.

meet the teachers we don't know. TODAY.

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Angie Myer said...

Let me know if your kids ever have Barry Bard for a teacher! (He's my brother in law & a wonderful Christian man!) Good luck w/ all of the transitions!