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Sunday, August 18, 2013

a party at the pond...

it seems like summer is speeding to an end.
trying to squeeze in extra fun stuff every other minute.

yesterday we hosted a Shank party at our pond.
my mom was a Shank.
(so, it was my  mom and her 4 siblings, and their children and their families...
in other words: my first cousins and their kids. :)))
 my grandma Shank died in May...
as sad as it was to be together at her funeral then.
it spurred me on, to make an effort to have something fun to get together for.

almost everyone came,
which meant 60 people...
the adults only ~slightly~ outnumbered the kids.
i was really pleased with the number considering it was summer.
if we were all here, it would have been closer to 80. :)

and i could not have asked for a more beautiful day.

my aunt debbie was snapping pictures.
[i didn't take any. boo. :( ]
thanks debbie.

[from L to R: my cousin, Jeremy, my neice Hope, her dad, my brother, Mark, and my brother, Matt- they are twins. :) if you didn't know...and Matt is holding my cousin, Jeremy's baby, Zachary]


Not Your Ordinary Anything said...

Fun pictures!! I like your mom's haircut, and I never realized how much you and Megan look like your mom! Beauties.

Angie Myer said...

We had so much fun Mis, thanks again! :)

Shelby said...

Very cute Mis, you are a gem to your family:)