some are wondering where i have been. why the lack of blog posts?

well...i can honestly say, that having 5 children has settled in. not in a bad way. just it is normal now, and i am whizzing around on a daily basis. i haven't hung out laundry on the line, since karolina has been born, nor used a single coupon. hmmmm. don't know that those are good things, but i am not taking the time out to do them, as i used too...i finished my coffee from breakfast time, at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon, and realized i never had breakfast at all this morning. one would think i could be skinny, acting this way...always takes me awhile... :)

(i had to laugh...i love this picture of campbell. she is sandwiched...
on her left is a pregnant belly, due in 2 wks, and right, is pregnant belly... ;) )

karolina will be 3 months old next week, i don't know how? i don't know where in the world the time went, but yeah...she is up more and more each day, (which means less time to get things done), but with that comes being more alert, smiling, and cooing and laughing. very fun. still a snuggler which i love.

 school is back in full force and i am finding my evenings are sucked up by homework, dinner, and caring for my family...

(campbell is 3rd in from the left. standing beside her friend molly.
molly's sister, lily, is in kaden's class at school...)

i am feeling very, very busy, just keeping up with the mundane tasks a stay-at-home mom deals with daily...that would be cooking, cleaning and laundry...
and then add in all the other stuff that fills my life, and well, blogging is getting squeezed out. there just isn't enough time. that's all.

these are all pics from campbell's field trip, that i went along on...
thanks rhonda...

campbell standing beside the scare crow they helped to make.

 hope to post some more pictures soon, as calli turns 3 tomorrow.
 did i mention how fast time is moving? :) ~mk.


Shelby said…
Love the fall pictures girl:) My girls LOVE their shirts:) Thank you for taking time out to make them. Ummmm my house so needs tending to. So off I go;) I will send some pictures with their shirts on soon.


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