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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

randomness. and catch up.

so. if i haven't mentioned before, i will mention it now. this 5 thing is really kickin' in full gear here. i can't seem to catch up on anything. except laundry. and that's a really good day. :) most of the time it has to sit a day or two before it's either a) folded, or b) put away. still trying to enjoy the here and now, because i know it's flying by me faster than ever before.

and no wonder i keep up on the laundry. do you see the cuteness i found in my laundry basket this weekend?

is karolina sleeping thru the night, you ask? no. not really. she really likes to get up and eat at 3 a.m. sometimes 4:30 a.m., but mostly 3 a.m. i have decided it's most of the time okay with me. she's only ever gotton me up once, since she's been bitty...and before i know it she'll be one, and nursing will be gone forever, so...i enjoy. and when i get up in the wee hours to nurse, that means i don't get up for real, when it's still dark outside. yea. that's called sleeping in for me. the 7 or 7:30 a.m. get out of bed. pretty glorious. :)

so, she may not be sleeping thru the night, but she did graduate to a bumbo this weekend. yay karolina. she was watching the eagles...

i am nursing myself back from a horrible case of poison ivy. i guess i thought since i didn't get it ~at all~ this summer, that i wouldn't get it now. so. i pulled some out of my flowerbeds. ooops. and did that in short sleeves and flip flops. ooops. i take calli to the doctors tomorrow for her 3 year check up, and am going to try to pay the doctor off to prescribe me something. we'll see how that goes... it's really bad on both forearms, so everytime i hold karolina, to nurse, or burp, or anything really, it gets irritated all over again. it's very gross.
enough said.

and what happens when your 3 year old doesn't want to take a ask?

she draws pictures of people on her wall.
like the real wall. not the painted chalkboard side of the wall.
 i actually think they are pretty good.

well. and then she loses the fight.
and can't even stay awake to read the bunny book.

and i will leave you with this.
mainly for my sis, meg, because she makes fun of me for dressing
them "matchy" on sunday mornings. oh well.

i love them.
maybe a family picture soon?
matt was in the shower. and i was still in my jammies.
unwilling to put a smile on because of my poison. :(
i am off to bed. good night.


jodi said...

Hey Dakota was at the doctor today for his 18 month checkup...wonder if we were there at the same time. The doctor was running behind. Maybe it was you begging him for meds that made him late:) Hope you feel better soon!

Ang Stoltzfus said...

i love the matching picture!!! they are precious little/big children.
& yes, the "people pic" is quite good for calli!!! very impressive. she must have your artistic abilities.

so so sorry that you have poison! :((((

& did i mention that i miss you? when can i see you?

Shelby said...

I love the matching outfits too:) Also love Calli's artistic ability, she did draw five people;)

Hope your poison goes away just as fast as it came.