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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

just another day.

you know they say, that by the 3rd and 4th kids, there are never any pictures.
hmmm. i have tried to be intentional with this...i have tried to keep baby books for my kids, and have nice photo albums for each of document life. and stuff.

i get kind of funny. i know life isn't fair, but i do try to make it as "fair" as i can. :)so because i went on kaden and kaycee's preschool apple orchard field trip, well, it would only be right that i went on campbell's. when i asked her if she wanted me to come, she politely said, "no mom. i would like to be brave. you don't need to come." well. hmmm. i almost cried. :) (you know i am always on my high horse about letting my children go...this might have been a good time for me to practice, what i preach...) so then i told her that i really wanted to come, and that i went along with both kaden and kaycee on their field trips...she thought for a minute, and then decided i could come along. yay. for me. (thanks mom for watching karolina and calli, so i could go...)

so, i was prepared. directions out, wallet out, cell phone out, camera out. coffee ready to go. and off we went. and i left the camera on the table. can you believe it? i got my coffee, and left my camera. ugh. so...hopefully one of my friends will pull through and send me some i can document ~her~ first field trip, just like i documented her other siblings field trip to the orchard. :)

all that to say. here are some pics i took today...when i got home of course.

 (karolina grace...11 wks old on sat.)

(calli- 3 next wk. eekkk. with karolina...)


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Anonymous said...

hey mama.....don't feel bad. this is the way i look at are amazing! i still only have zions photo album done till she's two. i stopped all together 3 years ago with all of them. not my heart but i can either play or take pictures of play or do photo albums of play. you are MILES ahead of me....hum...and most of the world:) i always said i wasn't going to let things like that fall through the cracks (since i filled out my own baby book when i was 10) but ........then life takes over. i figure my shoesboxes of pictures will be a great wedding gift someday:)

Chelsea said...

your kids are beautiful, karolina is just perfect. her eyes!!