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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a day in pictures.

i can always figure out when it's been too long since i have posted.
my mom calls, and leaves me a message...
saying she doesn't know what's going on in my life anymore,
because i haven't blogged. 


( she is rolling over and sucking on her fists ~all the time~
cooing and laughing....loving it.) 

(everyone is toting her around these days. hmmmm. :) )

(would love to know what big brother is thinking right now...)

(happy days, wouldn't ya say? :) )


(however, kaycee did go to the nurse today for a tummy ache...
i guess it got better, because i never got a call...just in time for our
mountain trip for the weekend...)

and can i say i don't know how in the world single moms do it?
i have been feeling a lot like a single mom these days.
i am very thankful for a husband who has a strong work ethic. i am.
but that doesn't mean that i don't miss him, even when
he is working so hard for us.
i guess i should just shut my mouth and be grateful.
but it's still hard.
he is very, very busy...with chickens (who thankfully aren't here now),
real estate, and a fixer upper house, we purchased
with a business partner
 (to sell again...)
and then fills in his fun things,
like playing hockey and hunting.
makes a girl tired, that's all...

looking forward to a quick trip to the moutains.
to reconnect.

i haven't ever carved pumpkins before.
i am not a big halloween fan to be honest.
but i helped in kaycee's classroom and the kids had so much fun,
i thought we should come home and try it.

they loved it.
i even roasted the seeds tonight.
and get this.
forgot i put them in the oven.
yep. they totally fried. totally.
did i mention i can't find time to exercise or sleep? :)

and just look what matt brought home for dinner.
we were tickled. :)
his first ever bow kill...

( i LOVE how calli is "petting" the dead deer...poor guy.)

and tell me that i will miss this...

because quite frankly it's driving me banana's for the time being...
why in the world is it so hard to keep the butter in the middle of the
butter dish?

and Good News Club started at the PLC last week.
there were about 60 kids.
this week there were 72.
but i need more helpers...
anyone???  :)


Anonymous said...

Loving the pictures!!! I can not believe that this is the first time carving pumpkins!!! Before I read that part I was admiring them and HOW MANY!!! But then again you always go big don't you!!! :). Great decorations! And, I am sure you are exhausted!!! Brad is away again for a bit here but I've got nothing compared to all you do!! Love ya:)

Mark and Heather Buckwalter said...

ha! ha! i was laughing cause we carved pumpkins (or a pumkin) too and also decided to roast the seeds and i did not remember them till i smelled them...totally black and crispy! oh well. at least we tried!