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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

this morning.

this morning i spent some time playing with my camera. that is why i am still in my pajamas and it's 10:18 a.m. yikes! kaden is home today with a horrible case of pink eye. i guess it will be a miracle if someone else in the family doesn't get it, but for now, i am using lots of clorox, and doing lots of laundry. :) he can go back to school tomorrow.

we discovered some kittens at our house last night. this momma cat is pregnant ALL the time. seriously. and she moves her litters all over the farm, so we never really know where they are...or when they arrive. :) so this morning, as i was getting everyone breakfast i sat karolina in her bumbo, and she played with her toys, and watched the kittens play.

one of our friends might want a couple kittens, so i tried to take a couple extra pictures for her to see them.

and this last one, well...this is his eye looking better. he couldn't even open it this morning, it was that swollen. started him on drops last night, so hopefully it will look a little better until tomorrow comes. :) karolina is looking at him like "you've got to be kidding me." :) here's to healthy households !!

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Matthew said...

great pictures miss! looks like the camara was a hit! id love a kitten but ours is ready to pop herself.....hum...second litter since we moved. crazy cat. poor kaden. i understand. no pink eye here but croop with fever. yuck-o.
love the verses too. proverbs 31 is my fav. as well as the zephaniah one.
i love you girl