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Saturday, February 8, 2014

ice storm. 2014.

(this is the generator shed, hence the door is open, because it was RUNNING for awhile.)

i guess i am officially going to call this the winter of no school.
i think we went to school 1 day this week.

1 DAY.

no school again today.
did you know at this hour 50% of chester county is STILL without electricity?

that means, we were for sure a priority.
but that doesn't explain why I still know farmers in Cochranville who are without electricity.
does that mean my husband yells louder and more often?
quite possibly.


yesterday we went swimming with some friends at Bird-In-Hand Family Inn's pool.
well. it is safe to say that I stayed in the hot tub MOST of the time.
but the kids had a great time.
we basically had the place to ourselves until the last half hour of our time.
awesomeness. right?

today. i think i am taking all five kids to see a movie.
i think it will work only because karolina STILL has a nuk and blankee, so i will take this along.
and she might just fall asleep.
frozen. that's the movie.
appropriate. don't ya think?

i know. i know.
karolina is STILL not potty trained AND still has her nuk.
this would have been the perfect opportunity to seize the day for that...
but alas, i just could not bear to tackle it when we cannot escape the house.

enjoy some pictures of God's handiwork this week.



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