you see i tried to do a timer shot the other night. i read somewhere that you should try to get some "everyday" shots, so you remember the things you do regularly. well. i am here to tell you as the kids get older, bedtime gets less and less routine. i feel kinda bad about that. i always, always, always read bedtime stories to the older kids, when they were little...and now that the bigger kids are reading their own books before bed, i have become lazy and busy with other things, so a LOT less bedtime reading is going on to the younger children.  BOO. i  am trying to do better. i really am.

this was the *best* shot. of about 4. [which isn't even saying a lot, because it's pretty bad] and then. there were tears. so it had to stop. in all the chaos, campbell got hurt. or her feelings did anyway. so. then i tried reading the story...but she was sobbing down the hall. so it didn't even work on this night. ;(( regardless, this was my attempt at remembering that i did read to my kids. sometimes in my bed, but not so much anymore, because we just DO.NOT.FIT without someone falling out on the floor. for real.

so. then i gave my camera to calli. she's 5. and this is what she got. love them. karolina had just woken up from a nap. she requires a few extra snuggles at that time. :)

 so here's to more nights reading Bible stories at bedtime. celebrating the everyday. smiles. and laughing. and then. the QUIET. ;) happy Monday friends.

and this one is my FAVORITE...


Shelby said…
You are BeAutiFul inside and out. We try to read the Childrens Bible at night, which is only 4 pages if that. Sadly by bedtime my patience is gone. Trying to attempt ALOT more GRACE.
heidiann(e) said…
These are wonderful.
And that last shot is perfection.

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