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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

in forever. AND my sunporch renovation. gets crazy,  hugh?

i was reminded of that this morning.
our district, had a 2 hour delay, which i really do love.
lazy school mornings, are one of the best things around, in my opinion.
infact...i am still in my sweats.
it seemed cozy enough to stay in them.
i mean it was 7 degrees outside this morning.

i love that i can do that.
don't take it for granted for a SECOND people. :))

anyway, this particular morning i had 4 extra children.
it didn't really occur to me that that actually meant 9 children in the house.
until around 10 am, and by then, we only had a half hour more to go.
it got a little bit crazy.
it was a little bit *too cold to send them outside.
it really was.
so that meant...
there was ball throwing. and wii dancing. and wrestling. and crying. of course. :))
made me thankful i really only have 5.
Thanks for the reminder Lord. ;)


have not taken the time to post lately.
i apologize for that.
i have been trying to get some reading when i take a free minute,
i cozy up to the fire, and read a chapter or 2.
a couple of my favorite things about winter.
the stove in my basement, and I read more, oh...with coffee.
i guess those are the ONLY things i like about winter.
i am a summertime girl.


so, i realized i never did a post about my sun porch renovation.
i it...
and cannot wait to enjoy it in the summer.
it definately gets chilly out there in the winter...

we moved to the farm, the summer of 2007, and this was one of the first rooms i painted.
i decided on a deep orange, almost rust color.
got it right out of a magazine,
and i totally loved it.
still loved it, but thought the room would be so much prettier white.

as my mom had tried to convince me, when i went with rust.
thanks mom. ;)

did you know white is trending now?
and i am glad.
it makes the room look so much bigger.

here are a few "before's".
from dinner's i hosted.

we don't eat out there a lot anymore,
since we knocked the wall out of our kitchen,
there is so much more room for me to entertain there now...
but sometimes, big dinner parties are still held in the sun porch,
as seen here...

getting started.
i do love behr paint, from home depot.
coverage is good. Soooooo much better than years ago.

here it is before i painted the trim.
i decided to go ALL white. Trim too.
i really love the look.
of all white.

 and, getting finished up...
hopefully i will post a picture or two next week,
what it looks like now...i have the roman shades up again.
it is cozy.

and as with any gives me a real desire to clean out.
and simplify.

seems i like to do that after Christmas also.
what i am doing now. :))

seems like these pictures aren't real clear...

i think some came from instagram. which would explain it.
you get the idea. :))

is everyone un-decorated from Christmas?

not quite. but soon. i promise.

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Anonymous said...

When I read that is was 7 outside, I thought WOW, that is warm!! Then I realized that you were talking in Fahrenheit and I was thinking in Celsius....That is one major difference between Canada and USA!! :) Hope that you are all happy and healthy!!