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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Heather Williams.

I know I am not writing on here like I love too.
Life has gotton the best of me.
I feel like I am running around serving people all the time.
That's what I do. That is what I love to do.
Most days. :))

Today the kids have a half day of school, so I am trying to get some things done,
before they come home, and undue them again.

haaaa. the life of a mother. you get something looking fabulous.
and it is undone in a matter of minutes.

they tell me, i am gonna miss that.
we'll see. :)

anyway, taking some time out to listen to Jesus this morning,
and thought i would share...

I heard this Hallelujah song the other day, and really loved it.

This morning, I found this...
Listen to it.

One of my husband's favorite lines (he has many) :)  is, "You always have a choice. YOU ultimately are the one to decide if you are going to wallow in your "woe is me, you don't understand, i was mistreated and abused, and...nevermind." It is up to you how you are going to handle life's disappointments.

And while this is true, there is so much more that goes into that.
This story is amazing.
So hard.
So powerful. What a testimony to God's power, right?

and the song that drew me to her, is this one...

Such horrific loss. There are no words.


Thankful. I am thankful i have not experienced such grievous loss.
Thank you Jesus.

Have you felt the love of Jesus today?

I am running around getting laundry done.
Getting the house "read" up before Campbell's birthday party Sunday.
Karolina was up all night, coughing.
Somewhere hiding in all this strep throat, she caught a nasty cold.
But in my weariness, I have felt Jesus today.

Have you?

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Shelby said...

Wow what an amazing story. Thanks for sharing.