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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I'm BACK!!

I'm BACK!!!

I know. I know. 
It's been WAY too long.
I am taking some time today to catch up on a few things around the house...
and that means the BLOG too.


Most of you know that I grew up on a dairy farm.
Which meant not a lot of family vacations.
It was just too costly to get away. 
And trusting someone else with your cows and paycheck...
is the risk a normal 9-5 pm job does not understand. :)
then add in the Pastor position my dad had, and well...what time?
pastors have a lot of job duties. and mix that with farming.
my parents were B.U.S.Y.

We did take some weekend beach vacations, which were always a highlight!!
My memories of those include:
staying in a motel...with adjoining rooms.
eating lunch on the beach, complete with capri sun juice boxes.
dad making "drippy sand castles" with us while mom basked in the sun. :)
(i have NO memories of my mom in the water...which is kinda funny...because my kids
will have NO memories of me in the ocean either. :))
dad taking us back to the room early to shower and watch t.v.
giving mom the allotted time on the beach...which was usually until 5 or 6 pm...
(and AGAIN...this is ME today, when I go to the beach...I like to stay out on the beach pretty late.)

ANYWAY...all this to say...I have great memories of the vacations we took growing up.
I feel like being chicken farmers is WAY easier then dairy farmers...
but sometimes i feel bad because we don't get to take a lot of  "vacations" either.
and by vacations i mean pack up and go to disney world,
like many families do.
(insert I have still NEVER been to disney world, or disney land).
chicken farming does not allow for long breaks or advanced scheduling, 
which can be very frustrating at times...

but what i have to remember is that i have great memories from growing up on a farm.
and  great memories from the short, but sweet, vacations that we did take.
and i am sure my kids will too.
long vacations or not.
we have plenty of family time. 
and try to make quick trips to the King cabin and the beach when we can.

all that to say once we moved off the farm
(my senior year in high school)
my parents started taking us on WEEK LONG vacations to the beach.

insert SO.MUCH.FUN.

just kept getting crazier and crazier as we got married.
and had children of our own.

as you can imagine. scheduling has now become an issue.
not just for the siblings and my parents.
but for our kids now too.
everyone is in sports. and now college. and it's just crazy.
so....the weeklong vacations have now ended.

which is sad.SAD.sad.

but...this past fall we got a house at Angola by the Bay for an extended weekend in September.
here are some pics my brother, Mark, took of our time together.

(you can find his work/information at:

My parents, with their 18 grandchildren.  :))

A great picture of my blessed parents, Richard and Debbie.

These peeps I am blessed with!!

And one more.
Kaden- 12, Kaycee-10, Campbell-8, Calli-7 and Karolina-4.

it was fun to be together again.
an extended weekend was the perfect time together.
it can always get a little tricky.
we are all kind of different in our marriages, raising our kids, even dealing with meal times and bed times.
it can stress the grandparents out. :))

so an extended weekend felt perfect.
especially since we had PERFECT weather.
Thank you Jesus!!

looking forward to next year already.

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