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Friday, July 15, 2016

a rehearsal dinner.

so one of my favorite things in life. for fun. is decorating.
and of lately. fresh flower arranging.

i suppose having 5 kids in 8 years 
[4 of those 5 kids were born in 5 1/2 years] :))
took up years of my life.
years which i LOVED, and sometimes wish i could go back too...
but alas...

now that they are growing up so quickly.
and require less "hands-on" of me...
i have more time to myself. 

or maybe i have learned that i need to make time for myself?
i am not sure?
probably a little bit of both.
i CAN say, it is much easier to make time for yourself, when the children
are old enough to watch themselves...
and do not require so much of me.

[being married to a farmer, means there is kinda no scheduling.
no predictability.
the "count on you watching the kids" never happened much
on a "scheduled" basis...when they were littles]

regardless. i am able to have more "me" time lately.
which is really. fun.

i guess i grew up watching my mom do both.
decorating and flower arranging.
and funny. now i like to do the same.

i had the fun priviledge of decorating 
The Beale Manor 
for a wedding reception a couple months ago.

basically, the mother of the groom told me i could do whatever i wanted.
that is the BEST kind of party to decorate for. :))

the bride's color's were: gray and yellow.
that's all i had. 

my lovely friend, Rhonda, stopped by to capture a few photo's.
Thanks girl.
they are perfect.


Shelby said...

Love the colors Missy. Your comfort zone is decorating and making things beautiful friend.

Gronny Waston said...

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