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Monday, May 15, 2017


i am painting them.

i am not quite sure how it all happened?
but. it has.
and i kinda like it.

i was always practicing my writing as a child.
really. my whole life.
cursive. printing. just writing.
i like to write. and i always have. seems to me that my thoughts come out better that way too.

i feel like i wear a million hats, so why not painter? ;)

i am stepping WAY out of my comfort zone this weekend,
and actually setting up a stand at an outdoor market.

say WHAT?
i know. :)
tell me about it.

please come down my way, and stop in, and say hi.
It is at: Penn's Farm
401 Zook Road, Christiana, PA.
from 9am-5 pm.

here are some of my most recent scribbles.

a major difference in my signs in comparison to the other million out there:
are that they are handwritten.
they are not stenciled.
sometimes i write out my words in pencil, and paint over them.
sometimes i just free hand.
depends on my mood.
or...if it's a custom order, and spacing needs to be more exact. ;)

so...a short commercial to come see me saturday, 5/20/17.
hopefully it is gorgeous, warm, sunny weather. In case it's a least i can get a tan. ;)


have a great night.

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