my loves.

thank you ang. i love them.
these pictures remind me of what is right in my world.
matt and i are coming off a rough month.
it was hard. he was sick and i was frustrated.
we love Jesus. we love each other.
i am reminded in James the Lord does not promise life to be easy.
it says in the beginning chapters that trials will come...
and to consider it pure joy when they do...
i am not there yet, but know the Lord will continue to bless us
greatly as we seek his face.


Megan said…
The pictures are awesome! I love the one of you and the look gorgeous!!!! Sorry I couldn't talk earlier...Jaiden was melting down and needed a time out. and the kids are BEAUTIFUL. Oh yeah...thanks for the pep talk yesterday...I never called the lady back afterall-
emmyswts said…
I love your family photos! What a beautiful family. You can see the love and joyful companionship on all of your faces. May the Lord continue to bless all of you!
Jen said…
Great pictures Miss!
I was going to say the same thing as look beautiful in that last picture. Thanks for stopping by today!
Love ya,
Ang Stoltzfus said…
Yay. I'm glad that you like them. It's not very hard to take pictures of such beautiful people!!
Chelsea said…
i love these pictures! you are beautiful as ever & kaycee looks just like you.
diddo, diddo, diddo! love them all!

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