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Sunday, November 8, 2009

the wedding.

what a fun, fun day. to jordan (my cousin) and claudia...thanks for chosing
"us" to be a part of your wedding. Campbell is still talking about it. we
talked about how special it was that "she" was picked, and she is tickled
about that!
loved, loved, loved the wedding parties dresses! they
were fabulous, some of my absolute favorites. what a great color,
and everyone looked so exquisite...and you, claudia, stunning!
campbell was loving being in her own element. matt's parents
watched the rest of our was fun to love on her for the day. most
of these pictures are of cousins, and grandma...and
well, mostly campbell. :)
we are so proud of her. She cruised
down the aisle, and even forgot to "sprinkle" her rose petals,
but i didn't even care, i was just glad she made it.
at 2 1/2 i just wasn't sure what to expect...but made
sure i was prepared with lots of "prizes"... :)
enjoy the pics.


Megan said...

"Good job Campbell!!!" She did sooo great Miss! I love the picture of her and Allen...he is 2 going on 15 or deep in conversation!
Anyways, have a great week...nice chattin with you today!

Anonymous said...

looked like an amazing celebration!
WAY TO GO CAMPBELL! judah was in lisa martins wedding at 21/2 and i can feel your uncertainty. she looks adorable PLUS, a big thanks for the updated pic of caligirl. sooooo cute
we miss you guys!