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So times are a changing here in the King household. Almost 2 teens live here, and soon to be a bunch of pre-teens to follow. :) Trying to...

Friday, January 22, 2010

country music loves.

so i don't have any fun pictures or anything...
just an overhaul of my music...
some music for the country music lover...
we had the joy of taking friends of ours, scott, ang, and addalie stoltzfus, to
the "king cabin" last weekend, from sat. thru tues. nothing exciting up
there...some old snow we got to play in, games, books, good chatter
and of course good food. i think i got my camera out once...really...
i don't know what in the world i was thinking...obviously, i was just
enjoying the company and the quiet. our kids got along so well...we are sorry
to say addalie took a tumble into the woodstove, and got a yuck-o burn on her didn't seem to bother her there, but now is becoming a little more
tricky to deal we pray for a speedy recovery. she is really a
we are thankful for matt, scott, and kaden's return to the cabin
after a "short" afternoon drive, which turned into hours and hours.
i guess matt felt the need to try a new way into the cabin...up a mountain
road that had not been winterized, (and later we found out was closed to
vehicles, only open to snowmobiles...for a reason) i think they all thought they
were going to die...matt even told kaden to put his seatbelt on...HE NEVER
ENCOURAGES SEATBELTS...EVER...poor little guy was scared to
pieces...4 wheel drive doesn't even work all the time. :) we love you
guys and are glad you returned safe and sound...
so...we always treasure our time away at the king cabin...more now then
ever before...because it's harder to get away with the chickens, etc.
thanks to uncle mark and kendall for watching the birds! and to scott
and ang, and little addalie, we had so much fun. we treasure
our friendship and were so glad we had some time alone to get the world's
problems figured out...well...and ours too...smiles...
i was finally caught up on laundry...and calli got sick on wed...
kaycee woke up this morning, Sat., and is throwing up...agghhh....
as if that's not bad enough...campbell just threw up EVERYWHERE...but
the bucket...aghhhhhh...more laundry. smiles...
p.s. it's now sat. afternoon, and kaden is also throwing up.
what a mess...running between 3 children throwing up, cleaning up
when they "missed" the bucket or toilet, and keeping
the washer loaded and on, all while keeping my
healthy baby out of all the yuck buckets. i don't think i need to
squeeze my exercise in today...i really cannot imagine dealing with
an unhealthy breaks my heart...this is nothing compared
with what some mommies deal with everyday... still smiles...not as
big, but there is one here hidden somewhere...


Ang Stoltzfus said...

MISSY!! what on earth...? how did everyone get sick? we are still healthy so far. (cross my fingers)hope you & matt stay well.
i can't believe that i forgot the "near death expereince story" on my mt. post!! guess i was just not impressed w/their craziness & tried not to acknowledge it in my mind. =) that's one way to deal with a husband who clearly thinks he is invinceable!!?? him & matt are a dangerous combo though!

i wish i could come help you w/all the laudnry & sick children...but i think i'll just keep my distance! (& i can totally find another place for Wed. night...we'll play it by ear.)

Mark and Heather said...

Hey girl...i heard about your household of sick kids. No fun! I will be praying for a quick recovery. Silas go something the night we got back from Penn State (he threw up twice in the middle of the night) but I am hoping no one else gets it too!
Anways...have a great one!