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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a new kind of normal.

i just started a book entitled, a new kind of normal, by carol kent.
it comes highly recommended...
this is what i find when i peel open the cover.

this book is dedicated to people
who are living in their own
"new kind of normal."
they have aknowledged that
unexpected circumstances mean
life will never be the same as it once was.
instead of running away or withdrawing
to a prison of their own making,
they choose to embrace the new
opportunities and unexpected joys
that can only be known by those who say:
I will survive.
I will persevere.
I will be vulnerable.
I will forgive.
I will trust.
I will hold those I love with open hands.
I will be thankful.
I will choose purposeful action.
i know my life has been pretty darn easy so far.
what a challenge for me to think about these words.
i am sure it's a lot easier to read on paper until something rocks your world...
and your core is shaken to its very being.
i can't wonder very long about what my life will hold, it can get too scary
for me to think about...but instead read these words...and realize the challenge
i have before me to live each day so that it really matters...
(...just some of my thoughts before bed... mk.)

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Anonymous said...

Can i read this book when you are finished? Sounds good! Looking forward to our shopping trip tomorrow...I'm gonna splurge!