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Saturday, November 6, 2010


you guys are no joke. i was cozy by the fire, watching a movie, and reading a magazine...and matt checked in on the blog, and let me know i should really get my butt upstairs to post some pics. here ya go...i didn't really like any of me from the wedding. bummer. i think i will like it better when my bangs are grown out just a teeny bit more...i realize now, i should have gotton bangs, kept my long hair for 6 months, and then got it cut short...a little less drastic. oh well. ;)

what a fun, beautiful wedding. this girl my cousin married, cindy, is so creative. i never knew. ceremony was at river corner mennonite...where he grew up...and i remember going to as a child when we were left with my grandparents for the weekend...tiny and quaint.

reception was at beautiful pheasant run in conestoga, also. her centerpieces were simple...i LOVED them. took some notes for king thanksgiving which will be here. ;)

as if the bride doesn't have enough on her plate...she made jelly for our favors...with the card that said, "spread some l.o.v.e." so. original. and cute. don't ya like how the tables and numbers were written on the old glass panes...totally my style...

and just some fun pics of my beautiful cousins, i don't get to see nearly enough. HUGE shout out to on the far left...just found out she reads my blog...that gives me warms...and you too, it!

and below is my cousin, Chelsea...who also leaves me fun comments, and her mom, my aunt, Cheryl...sister and mom of the groom...aren't they pretty?

this is my crazy uncle John...(father to 3 of those middles pictured above). We spent the most time growing up at their house, out of all my cousins. He is holding my "other" (Jonathan and Lori- not pictured) cousins baby, Rylee. she is sweet.

 I was chatting around way to much...those are all the pics i got? hmmm. okay. sleep tight.

Congrats Cindy and Colby...Fun times. Cheers to Jamaica...that's where we went. ;)


Kendra said...

hair looks great! and love those centerpieces and the window panes are so creative!

jodi said...

Awww...looks like a great time! I miss Kurtie and Lorena so much!!

Anonymous said...

what fun hair and very, very flattering! can't wait to see it in person.....speaking of person......when are all the christmas reunions for you all? we head up to pa dec 21st after school for a bit......whens a good time to party?

Ang Stoltzfus said...

fun new look mis!!!
pheasant run is close to our house...pretty sure you went right past us...or should have stopped in!!!!!!!!!!

actually we might not have been around, we are at the beach for a few days....trying to relax.

Angie said...

You & your new hair-do look great Mis! It was so nice to catch up w/ you guys on Saturday! Stop in to see us whenever you have the chance!