the suspense is over...a pic for you.

glad you are all excited to see my new haircut. My cousin is getting married
so i hope to  post a picture tonight...when i am not donned in my sweatpants. ;)

it is very fun. people have to do double takes...they don't know who i am.

love that part!

check back tonight. ;)


Ang Stoltzfus said…
picture now please!!!

i've got bangs...& like them! can't wait to see yours. =)
Sarah said…
Ok I've checked back twice..still no pic. It's 11:00pm..Come on!
Missy. said…
okay ang...when did you get bangs? and matt tells me they are not trendy here...please. where's your pic? fair is fair, right? ;) mis.
Anonymous said…
Love the new hairstyle! As always - you look fabulous!


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