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Saturday, September 7, 2013

kaycee & karolina's room is done. *

yes. finally. kaycee and karolina's room is done.
what a process.
it wasn't going to be much of one.
the actual painting was done in one day.

but then.
i accidentally found bunk beds at reuzit.
and then the bunkbeds had 2 dressers that came with them.

so. then. i pretty much had to re-arrange my whole house.
which is a good thing.
a very good thing.
and now i am almost completely done.
and super organized.
which is how i LOVE to start out my school year...
but i have a teeny bit more work to do. :)

but. here are some pics of their new space.
they are loving it.
kaycee is a bit introverted like her mother. and loves spending time in her room now.
she is very much like me, and how i was when i was 8. :)

kaycee made all the poms.
i love them. :)
she also made the other little ribbon bunting by her mirror.
she is very crafty. & is starting to show style all her own.
very fun to watch it develop. :)

[karolina (L) just days old per bjfphotography & kaycee (R) at 2 years old per pea pod photography]
two of my favorite pictures...kaycee picked the one she wanted hung. of course. :)

there ya have it.
hope to share some more pictures of my house next time.
enjoy the rest of your weekend.
i am beat.
but i decided to paint a small portion of my living room, with chalkboard paint.
got to get on another coat
so it's dry by morning. :))


Shelby said...

I love it girl:) Wow you are energetic:))) Miss you.

Anonymous said...

Missy, it looks great...Kaycee, oh so adorable! I love her craftiness!! :) I think their room may be the same color as V's (and H's)... I've just spent the past two weeks reorganizing and cleaning and such as well!! Jordan just moved out over the weekend...and V and H decided they wanted to keep sharing a room for a turned the other room into a play room for them...and, sniff, sniff, i finally got rid of all of the past 5 years of baby clothes :( love the redo! Have a great day :) xoxo

heidiann(e) said...

It looks great!
Nice work!