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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


what a day.
started when my alarm went off at 5:40 a.m.
course, then i hit snooze.
i did get out of bed by 6 a.m.

i promise. :)

the goal of the morning was to keep the kids quiet
(may i remind you that i get 3 extra on monday and wednesday mornings)
because matt didn't get a full night's sleep since chickens went out the night before.

why is it always a challenge to keep kids quiet, usually only when they ~need~ to be quiet?
it actually wasn't too bad.
i shooed them outside, where they played until it was time for school. :)
matt was still sleeping, when i left for the morning at 8:25 a.m.


i then dropped 6 children off at 2 school buildings
and proceeded to drop the last 2 off at my  mother in law's.
i met a friend for breakfast in new holland.
where i promptly received a phone call from kaycee's school nurse.
kaycee was in the nurse's office with a "really bad headache".
the same really bad headache she woke up with, and i medicated,
and encouraged her to try school for the day.

i told her to go to the nurse if it got "really" bad...
my bad.

i don't know where my daugther got the idea that if you have a headache you can take the day off?
ugh. matt went to pick her up,
 because after breakfast i had a hair appointment in new holland as well.

buzzed home at one oclock to check on kaycee.
who was waiting for me at the door with a cute little grin on her face.
some headache, i thought. :)

grabbed a quick drink,
put kaycee to bed to rest.
and headed out to pick up campbell for her dentist appointment.

she had a tooth pulled. :(
was a total rock star...but now, not feeling so hot.

bank drive thru.
picked up my littles at my mother in laws.
home. turned off chicken feeders.
did homework.
tylenoling kaycee and campbell all the while.
preparing dinner.
paying bills.
listening to piano being practiced, while t.v. humdrums to sad campbell.

preparing kaden for his ride to baseball.
while i smell the yucky perm smell on my hair. again.
will get campbell comfy  so i can run to kaden and kaycee's back to school night.

seems matt's been gone all day at appointments for real estate.
he should roll in here soon, want dinner, and be back out the door again to the chickens.
where we get a five day break to clean out and prepare for the next flock.
where we start chickens all.over.again.

i am thankful you are all eating organic chicken.
really.i am.
but. you could slow down just a minute.

i am ready for a slower day tomorrow.
again. i don't know how you outside the home, working moms do it all.

until next time i need to vent


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heidiann(e) said...

Warp-speed, lady!
Nice work.

Here's hoping & praying for some moments of peace & rest for you & Matt.