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Saturday, November 2, 2013


so. with the kids being on the computer a bit more now.
i thought it necessary to get a filter on our computers.

the first one i got cost money. and i totally didn't like it.
the second one i got. i love. and it's FREE.
but...that is why i am having so much trouble posting on my blog.

so. i need my cousin and his wife
yeah. kurt. and lorena. that's you. :))
the computer techs in my life.
to come help me switch some settings on my filter. to make this blog thing less miserable for me.

i am sorry.
i promise i will post like normal once i have this figured out.

happy november.


Angie Myer said...

What is the name of it? We need one, too!

Melissa King said...

we use k9 angie... :))