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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Campbell's 7th birthday party.

Campbell turned 7 years old on Wednesday, but we didn't have a party until last evening. It was kind of a crazy day. Matt took Campbell and Kaden to their last basketball game, while I took Calli to my sister's at 8:30 a.m., so that she could deliver her to my neice's "birthday tea" which didn't start until 10...all the while I am scooting back to White Horse to make it to Campbell and Kaden's was play the parents day. Yippeee. I think Matt did not want me to embarass the kids, because he played in both games. ;)

Then...after the game, Matt left with Karolina and Kaden, and got a phone call that one of our chicken houses was on FIRE. EEEEKKKkkkkk. I can only imagine how fast he drove to get home. Kaden was  praying audibly in the car. He is so emotional and sensitive. I will be the first to second him that his daddy drives way to fast all the time, let alone, when there is an emergency at home. : / He told me he brought Karolina up to the house, and they immediately went to the basement, and turned on the t.v. so they wouldn't hear the sirens. 4 different fire companies came. I should have been home serving donuts and coffee, but alas, I was with Kayee and Campbell, getting Campbell's ears pierced, for her birthday. :))

Fire was not bad. Miraculous. Some damage to the chicken house, and lots of mess to clean up, but in general, not a big deal at.all. Anxious to see if there is anything they notice in how the chickens look?? What does smoke inhalation look like in a chicken? ;) They leave tonight. An electrical "short" was the culprit...have been having a few of them here and there...our chicken houses are getting on the "older" "needing improvement/taking lots of money stage", which is depressing, but a part of farming, so what are ya gonna do? Complain, i guess? :))

Feeling thankful for God's faithfulness and provision, favor and blessing upon us. So...then the preparations began, or continued when I got home...I had spent HOURS on the above cake. LOVED it, and was worth every minute of love labor, but was just hoping it would "turn out" did.

Enjoyed a fun party with a dear family of friends who we are getting to know better and better each week it seems. Campbell was allowed to decide who she wanted to have to celebrate and she chose The Fishers, who are one of the new pastor families to join our church. Their kids are close to our kids ages, and they seem to act like they have been friends forever. Thankful for friends and another birthday to celebrate...


Shelby said...

Happy Birthday Campbell:) Love the cake Mis. Glad the chickens are fine and the fire didn't damage to much.

Ang Stoltzfus said...

fun to catch up on your life...its been too long!
i love the cake!
so thankful that the fire was contained.

heidiann(e) said...

Whoa! Big news all around.
Hope to see you all soon.