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Saturday, June 21, 2014

fishing. and tractors. and all star baseball.

it has been  said that kaden is spoiled by his paternal grandparents.
he is the only grandson. :)) 

kaden has been going on this fishing trip, with his poppy, probably since he was 6 years old??
i guess it's a man only trip. that's the only thing we can figure out, since none of us ladies
have ever been invited. :))

this was one picture poppy took of one of the fish kaden caught on tuesday.


last week we had vbs at our church.
i was the craft teacher.
and i am not kidding. it WIPED me out.
i am exhausted.
what fun.
something i love, but i did not figure prepping and preparing and doing crafts with 100 kids
would be so exhausting. :/

since the rest of us were tied up with vbs, that meant daddy got to have one on one time with
our youngest, karolina.
one evening they returned poppy's special tractor, to his house in gap.

apparently, karolina was waving to every car they passed...
and some man from delaware stopped to see if he could take a picture, and then,
sent it to matt!

funny. as long as it doesn't turn up in some magazine for people not taking adequate care of their children.


and kaden made the all star baseball team, which he is thrilled about.
mommy is less than thrilled.
all.the.pressure. is ENORMOUS.
i can't stand it.

i really think i would be fine if my children did not want to play sports.

he was at baseball camp all week at our school, from 9 am until 3 pm,
and would come home, and then go to all star practice from 6 pm until 8 pm.

exhausted. he is.

tourney starts next saturday.
we will see how they do. look pretty good, i must say.

here we come williamsport.

just kidding. :) but. maybe. who knows? ;0)

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Not Your Ordinary Anything said...

Such a cute picture of Matt and Karolina!!! Cracked up reading your comment about unless it ends up in a magazine about parents not taking adequate care of their kids! More like parents of the year. ;) ~Chelsea