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Monday, July 7, 2014

10 U baseball.

what a wild ride this baseball is.
whew. this mama is worn out.
playing baseball since school has been out.
practice every night.
then. games every other night, sometimes every night.

i was talking to another more seasoned baseball mom last night.
i was wondering for what else in life do we drop everything, and do something.

maybe in farming. when you have to bale hay, etc.
i guess maybe, there are some similarities.
but. this is crazy.

drop. everything. and go.
lucky for us, Christiana hosts the 10 U tournament each year.
so, last year, we were playing in new holland, but this year, it was christiana.
yeee.haaa. i like it.

anyway. to make a long story short.
our team won districts last week.
so. now we go to sectionals. they start next week.

i am taking my kids to the beach tomorrow.
just because.
kaden is missing practice. and we are going.
daddy will be busy with straw. so. we are just going. that's all. :))

i am so proud of kaden. he has had such a SUPER attitude throughout this post season.
all stars is tricky. maybe there is even some politics involved.
dare i say that outloud? ;))

anyway. kaden was thrilled to be chosen to be on the team.
he was also on the team last year, and didn't play a huge amount...
and it was frustrating for him. because when he did play, he played in the outfield.
which is not his position.

long story short. i reminded him of what that felt like, last year.
but he still wanted to play.

same thing this year. same coach too.
he plays. but usually doesn't start, and has never once played catcher.
which is the whole reason why he made the team to begin with. :/ he plays outfield.

he has been so steller. sometimes mama's attitude has been worse than kaden's.
eeeeekkkkk. no good.
life lessons. i suppose. life lessons.

anyway. all that to say,
we have our first sectional game on monday night, at solanco.

go OCTORARA!!!! :)))
(and thanks karen for all these pictures).

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