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Friday, September 5, 2014

it's been awhile.

that's an understatement.
it's been a crazy.long.while.
i am busy.
and overwhelmed with life.
since i have last written.
summer has ended. done. but a memory.
school has started.
matt turned 40. and i had a surprise party for him.
we have had weddings.
and fall ball has started.
ballet has started as well.
life is seeming very busy.
most days it's good.
but i am struggling to find a "new normal" right now.
the start of the school year has been fabulous.
but we really haven't started anything hard yet.
like. homework. for instance.
i hate when life gets in such a hurry.
like now.
i hate that feeling.
i kept saying...the kids birthdays.
then i would say. school starts.
then i would say matt's birthday party.
then i would say these weddings. and now. NOW... almost all of those things are finished.
and i can focus on ME?
is that what needs to happen?
it is crazy different around here with just karolina and i.
i love it. my days can be empty and fun.
if i don't fill them up with stuff.
what a challenge.
that's all i am going to leave you with for now.
matt's party was supposed to be outside. but it rained. and rained. and then rained some more.
so i had to have it inside.
which meant lots of stuffing "stuff" places. i am "unstuffing" and making lots of trips to reuzit.
i have too much "stuff"...
and many. many pictures to share soon. ;)

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