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Saturday, September 6, 2014

school is here.

each year the summer rolls around.
with such excitement.
i really do love the change of pace.
the sun and warmer temps fill my soul.
the kids being home.
sure there is more instigating, complaining and messes.
but really...what should i expect?
5 kids and a mom in a space together.and throw in the dad sometimes too.
of course. this is real life living.
all that to say, we had a GREAT summer this year.
it flew by way too fast.
and each year as school approaches, i get this little belly ache about it.
i suppose i am not the only mother who wonders about her schooling decisions?
we have had a great year in our public school system thus far.
kaden is in 5th grade this year.
lots of newness.
a new building.
a locker. changing classes. trombone lessons.dances.
(of man, i have to start bribing him to stay home from dances ALREADY?) ;/
lots and LOTS of responsibility.
i came back from his parents back to school night, filled with both excitement and terror.
maybe some of my fear is not knowing quite what to expect.
yes, i heard the high expectations from his teachers, but wondering since we have an IEP for him now, what that will look like?
kaycee is in 4th grade.
can't say lots of newness for her.
she is in the same building i attended...just when i attended it was k thru 4. now it's just grades 3 and 4.
i love that people know "my family" now.
kaden's old teacher saw her in the hallway, complimenting her headband, and gave a HUGE
compliment to kaycee's teacher about our kids and family.
that is real life. in the public school system.
in any school system. the little things God throws in your lap,
to give you a "thata girl", "see, you are figuring this parenting thing out after all."
kaycee loves school also.
quiet. shy. keeps to herself. excels in academics
my spunky, moody, fun, kicking life to the curb, kinda gal.
is in 2nd grade.
she has walked calli to her class each morning.
love her.
she is also loving school.
she also keeps to herself a good bit.
was sad the other day, when some girls at her table made fun of her snack of peanut butter and carrots.
boo. to them.
she rallied.
she is trying to figure out her place in all the girl drama.
i am not a fan of BFFs...(best friends forever)
girls have a tendency to be allll about this.
i tell her to watch her dad in motion. he is someone i have always admired for many reasons.
but one BIG reason is that he can talk to anyone. and does.
it's all about relationships with him. and so we are really trying to teach our kids that from little on up.
"you don't need a BFF...why don't you go play with the little girl in the corner who no one
is talking too?""be kind to everyone"...
afterall, we all know what it feels like to be made fun of.
even if it's for what we are eating for snack.  ;(
and that brings me to calli
she is rocking out kindergarten this year.
loving each minute.
i pick her up each day at 1:05 pm, despite the full day requirement.
nothing against our school, i am just not a fan.
my kids grow up w.a.y. too fast, and i am just not convinced a full day program is necessary when they are 5 years old.
(i did this with campbell, also when she was in k, and she is not behind in any subject...
so that was my go-ahead it again...)  :))
she can't WAIT to learn to read.
loves gym. and art. and reading.
she is my hugger.
she gleams when i pick her up (even though she would love to stay all day)
and hugs karolina too.
and i suppose that brings me to the hardest part about schooling.
knowing and realizing our children are being influenced for more hours out of the day
then we even see them. eeeekkkkkkk.
 i hate that reality. however,
believing and trusting in the Lord, for a great plan to unravel in each of my children's lives.
draws me to my knees infact.
i have mentioned this before.
i love hearing the morning announcements. hearing the kids out at recess.seeing all the sporting events, in my front yard...all draw me to my knees for my kids. causes me to stop a second and pray for them. and me. and our family.
anyway. got to mention karolina too.
she is 3 now. she is also full and over flowing with spunk.
she just started telling me NO, and thinking it's funny.
i love our days.
i can get so much done, it's crazy.
i do try to be intentional about soaking up this time with her.
it is fleeting. you don't have to tell me twice. :))
she is potty trained. now, i just need to get rid of that nuk.
she is my last.
very evident. i just keep saying, "maybe tomorrow" .

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Shelby said...

Cute pictures and boo to the mean girls. Don't the parents tell their children to be kind? I HATE this part of school because I remember kids making fun of me for drinking "milk". I guess its a teaching lesson, maybe but still sad nonetheless.

Pray, Pray and more Prayer:)