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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

To my dear grandparents.

so...i do not have very many loyal blog followers
which makes it really easy to slack off...
and well.
instagram. i post everything on there, so then i don't make this
quite as much of a
priority anymore.
boo. i know.

I do, however, have ONE loyal blog checker.
and that, my friends, is my pappy and grandma.
they request a blog entry EVERY time i go to visit.
every.single.time. :)

it's the sweetest thing.

and ALL of my doing...because out of ALL of their grandchildren,
i am the ONLY one who put her blog address into their favorite bar on their i-pad.


my 90 year old "pappy" with Karolina- 3, and Calli-6.

my 90 year old grandma with Calli-6 and Karolina-3.

the kids have always loved visiting their great grandparents.
each set of great grandparents they have gotton the priviledge of knowing,
have always had a toy box for them to play in.

a lot of the toys in this toy box, are toys that i used to play with as a child.
it's fun to see them play with them.
and fun for me to remember the memories all of those toys hold for me.

these are the grandparents i spent a lot of time with.
i grew up on the dairy farm that they used to farm.
and then, they built a house, on land connected to our farm.
so there was lots of riding bike and/or walking up thru the fields in the summer time
to eat blueberries out of the garden.
or swim in the pool.
or quilt with my grandma.
or play with toys. or eat white toast with homemade strawberry jelly. :)
i love the memories i have with them. they will always be treasured.

i need to do a better job of visiting them.
they are only a half hour away now.
why do i let life swallow me up and keep my away from doing important things?
they will not be here much longer.
and still have so much wisdom for me.

we always talk about farming. and chickens.
today we encorporated puppies and our pigs too.
mothering. (it is no wonder i am in love with babies...i get that from my mom and grandma).
gardening. birthdays. weather. matt. and what he's doing.
and life in general. pappy and grandma.
i love you.
thanks for loving me and my family.
the kids always love to come visit.
we'll be back again soon to eat apples and steal all the chocolate from your candy dish.

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Shelby said...

Very sweet Melissa, I wish I had my grandparents (sadly both sets went home to be with Jesus) Love on them, I love older and wise souls they have so much wisdom. I miss having coffee and talking around the dinner table. Such a gift your children have to know them. Shelby~