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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

a little bit of summer randomness.

this post is going to be random.
your fair warning. :))
i have a lot of ground to cover.


these people of mine. 
life is crazy.
how do people get thru life without the love and support of "their people"?
without knowing and feeling the love of their Father?
trying to fit in cousin sleepovers before my oldest nephew moves off to college?
 i changed his diapers and babysat him when I was in college.
eeeeekkkk. :/

these people of mine.
they just keep growing.
for a blink of an eye their ages are really easy to keep track of.
kaden-12, kaycee-10, campbell-8, calli-6 and karolina-4.
i love them like wild.
in the hard. yelly. disobedient. mouthy. touching each other moments.
i figure i will forget these times.
i am pretty sure my mom has. :)
and then i will remember all the times they want to snuggle.
or have me read to them. or turn on their kindles :)
or "be the grandma" in playing house.
or give me hugs and kisses 3x in a row. at an already late bedtime.

i am trying to blaze all THESE times in my head to get me thru the hard times.
that are coming.

the summer is flying by. 
i LOVE summer. always have.
fitting in bike rides and sleep overs.
swimming in ponds, lakes and swimming pools of nice friends who invite us over. :))
sometimes it's nice to swim without the frogs. :)
ice cream, cookouts, baseball, 4H pigs, camping trips,
days at the beach, summer camp, 4 wheeler and dirt bike riding,
missing Anna- our puppy moments, but still loving Millie.
movie nights, reading, sleeping in, unloading hay, yard saling,
boat riding, tubing, laughing, and some crying too.
summer. you have been good to us.

Campbell, Karolina and Kaycee in above mentioned pond, with the frogs. :)

My baby, Karolina, turned 4 this summer.
she was REALLY hoping for a pony.
so we had lots of pony themed things going on. 
maybe next year. :))

This was a pony necklace I made for karolina.
she pretty much loved it. :)

i must say it's kinda fun working with my kids now.
just makes it a little more tolerable. 
haaaa. :))
kaden is really turning a corner now.
he is really able to help out on the farm, in a much bigger way, which is awesome.
money is really, really motivating to him. :))
he moves with a little more intention when money is involved.
but who doesn't? :))

the kids and i got to visit a church member's lake house one saturday.
it was super sweet of them to invite us, and we had a ton of fun.
they had more "toys" then we have ever seen before.
{ my mom won't believe that because she says WE have a lot of toys...but really, mom, it was crazy }


how many people can you fit on a tube anyway?

well...there is a fleeting snippet of our summer.
it's back to paying bills.
and going to feed the pigs, at the 4H Romano Center, in Honeybrook.
the sale is tonight.
Just hoping to break even. :))

The kids showed their pigs last night.
I was heart swelling proud of them.
their first year. tons of unknowns and guessing our way thru the program, 
but super glad we did it.

yesterday morning, both kids were in tears. matt was stressed.
everyone said "never again"...
but by evening's end...which was 11:15 p.m.
everyone agreed they want to do it again.
nothing more fun then to see your children learning life lessons.
and having fun doing it.

bacon anyone? 

From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised.
Psalm 113:3.

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Shelby said...

Sweet pictures friend, looks like you guys had a fabulous summer and memories made:))) Love the necklace. xoxox