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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

It's been TWENTY years.

so a couple weeks ago
matt and i hosted a gathering of some of my high school girlfriends, 
some of whom i hadn't seen for TWENTY years
[ how is that even possible that i graduated TWENTY years ago?]
and their spouses, and children.

you always kind of wonder how things like this are going to go?
i was kinda worried about the husbands...
hoping they could kind of just go with the flow...

it turned out to be such a fun night.
i really didn't feel like it was totally uncomfortable...
which was kinda awesome. :)

we ate outside, up at the house.
everyone brought along something to share.
and then we migrated to the pond.

[some farm tours may or may not have happened.]  ;)

one of my closest friends in school, was jane.
she was infact in my wedding...which was mostly family, might i add. ;)
this is jane's husband, brad, with matt, in the picture above...
we don't see them all that often...they live in it's always fun to see them.
they always have fun farm questions. :)

jane and brad are also responsible for these totally AWESOME pictures!!
i didn't even share half of them, just a few of my faves.
thanks so much guys.
you captured our evening so perfectly!

campbell...just waiting around, i guess? 

i am not sure what we are looking at here?

kristi, is holding the phone. a fond memory i have of kristi, is that she let me borrow a dress for the
homecoming coronation, just 20 years previous.
thanks sweetie. :)

 and these are just a few of the smarties i ran around with:
pictured from left to right: (maiden names because i don't even remember all their married names? ;/)

nikki hurst, jen blain, me, sarah morrissey, jane bailey, julie lamborn, 
kristi groff, bree hermann and jessica althouse.

i recognized everyone. in an instant.
it really does not feel like 20 years has passed.
do we even look like we are almost 40 years old?

DON'T answer that. :))

i love that i was captured with a baby in my arms.
6 week old Josie, to be exact.
(the youngest daughter, of my friend, Julie, who is in the black...standing beside me).
i wish i knew what i was laughing about?
this is one of my best girls, jane, who i referred to earlier.
she has been a friend since we were 10-ish?
she is one of the few high school friends i keep in touch with.
and see very occassionally.

we ended the evening with sparkler fun and smores.
i had a candy scramble...and we didn't get it done before it got dark out. :/

a HUGE thanks to jessica and sarah who PLANNED the whole darn thing.
i merely hosted.
my favorite part anyway. :))


Shelby said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all:)

Holly said...

Love this!!! Sorry I missed it - thank you for the invitation! Everyone looks great!! Hope you're well, Missy!

Kristi said...

I remember that "dress" - it was actually pants but looked like a long black dress with a velour short sleeved top. You looked great in it! It was from the Express (when's the last time you shopped there?!). Why I can remember this after 20 years, yet I can't remember what time my son has swim lesson each week, is beyond me.