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Monday, August 31, 2009

and then came kindergarten... :(

So...I must say I always made a little bit of fun of the moms who cried on their kids first day of school. We have decided to walk Kaden to school, rather than take a bus, and this morning went well...I think it will really be a fun time for us. So... I left the stroller down by the playground (with Kaycee in charge), and Kaden and I trudged up a hill to meet the sidewalk, where busses were unloading. It was very obvious that everyone was a little nervous, as we saw a few kids from church, who barely aknowledged us, which is unusual. Anyway, we proceeded, and then he didn't want to let go of my hand. He thought I should walk him in...I quickly told him, I wasn't allowed, and he continued on a few steps. He then looked back, and I was waving frantically, but HE DIDN'T SEE ME. Oh, I felt the tears coming. He had a sheer look of TERROR on his face, as he turned and walked thru the doors into the building.

I quickly turned, and ran down the hill to meet my other kiddos. I could barely talk. We walked thru the playground, and I was looking up into his classroom praying so fervantly for him. It really is a great thing, our location. I am pretty sure I prayed for him constantly all morning. I looked up there and waved when I was hanging out the laundry...just in case he could see me. :)

This week I was working until midnight every night painting a new room for Kaden. It used to be Campbell's room, and a dark Cranberry color, and I thought this would be a good time to give him "his own room"...transition galore, right? A few pictures of the finished product. I kind of forgot to take any before pictures...bummer. Campbell and Kaycee are now sharing a room, and that will be my next project...this fall. I am not an artist, but I got this idea from a friend, and her's was MUCH better (She had done murals of her daughters on the wall), but it's not tooooo bad, eigh??? Ha.

Painted the desk and bed red...the rest is white, except for the wall at his headboard, is blue the whole idea out of pottery barn. Love it. Love it.

On his chalboard I have written, his soccer number, number 9...and the verse I have been claiming for him as he starts school:
"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified, for the Lord your God goes with you; her will never leave you nor forsake you."
Deuteronomy 31:6
We don't know what we are doing yet for Kaden leaving school. It would be nice for us to be able to walk him home, but there is a sign out procedure I am trying to work thru for this week anyway, he'll be riding the bus a whole minute home. Seriously. A whole minute. This was daddy and Kaycee walking out to meet us. with Blacky the kitten coming too. :)
Here's my little man coming off the bus. In my haste, I didn't take a great picture, but you get the idea. We even know the bus driver. :)

He had a great first day. We really feel called to the public school system, and look forward to a great kindergarten experience...


Mark and Heather said...

Oh..loved the pictures. I was so nervous for him yesterday I forgot to take pictures and forgot his lunch!
He actually got sick on his first day and came home and just layed on the couch and feel asleep before 6:30. Poor guy. He is recouping today and hopefully will be back in the grove again tommorow.
love ya. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

we were praying for him miss! looks like he had a great day and his room looks fab! well done!