claudia's bridal shower.

we are anxiously awaiting 2 of my cousins weddings this fall. Kurt and Lorena will be married in October, and Kurt's brother, Jordan will marry Claudia Hess in November. Claudia's bridal shower was this afternoon, and Campbell gets to be the flower cousin's little boy Allen, is the ring bearer. They don't know each other well, but by the looks of today, it shouldn't be a problem. However, we did agree if they actually do as they are supposed to it may be a "small miracle". :) Allen is 3, and Campbell is 2 1/2...some shots of the shower.


hey miss,
thats so cool that campbell is the flower girl...i had no idea. we're so torn with going to the weddings! would love to see campbell walk down! thats cool with kaden getting sallys sister.....i heard she's great. when does school start? is he excited?
send my hugs and kisses

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