almost home?

so we are half way there. matt left sunday, and hopefully will be back late monday? we are not sure. he is in kansas hunting for a big big buck. we are faithfully praying the Lord will bless him in this way. sure would make it a little more worth it in my book. :)

things are going very well. chickens have been leaving, and thanks to uncle mark and jay smoker, i have not had to do much at all with's always a little concern...but the last house leaves then we'll be much more "relaxed". Moppy has done a great job "relieving" me of my children on occassion. thank you. it's so much appreciated!

calli's been a little sick, but had a much more normal night last night, which was a relief. can't post any fun pics because matt swiped the camera to take on the hunt.

campbell looks like she lost a fight with a mountain lion, she fell the whole way down the basement steps last night...a little traumatic, but she's my fighter. kaycee was trying to climb over the gate...(which i have there so calli won't fall down the steps), and it got dislodged, and so then kaycee fell down 4 steps, and she in turn fell on campbell, knocking her down them all. :( yikes.

been talking to matt everyday, which might be my highlight. fire is burning. my house is cozy. my christmas decorations are up and it's a beautiful day. :)


Hey missy..will be praying for you. A week is a long time!
Jane said…
Wow!! I am feeling lonely too. Although, Brad has just been gone since Wed. am and will be back late tonight, not quite as long as Matt (and of course my house is not nearly as busy as yours). But, he is NYC for work which is making me miss him even more, b/c i miss us doing the city stuff together around Christmas time. Glad to hear Matt got a deer though :)
Ang Stoltzfus said…
o my word! good visual story on the step-falling saga!! poor girls! "A" has had her fair share of falling down the steps...the pediatrition started questioning my parenting at the one "emergency appt"
SO glad that matt is home safe & sound...with a bunch of meat too! miss you....

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