Dear friends of ours lost their 20 year old brother yesterday afternoon in a tragic snowmobile accident. It is at times like these where I just "don't get it"...don't get God at all. Thru lots of tears and prayers I wonder how I can support them...How do I know what they need? Everyone handles loss and grief and tradgedy in such different ways...How will I know what's right for them? We had this young man in youth group, when we were advisors...and his girlfriend as well...Lord...we don't understand your ways. Help these families grieve. Bring comfort and peace to them at this time. Bring people into their lives to help them get thru this unbearably hard time...


Anonymous said…
I feel for your friends, and for you as their friend. You are so right that everyone grieves differently. But from my own experience, what has meant the most to me was people reaching out, acknowledging the loss, telling me they were sorry and just being there. No one ever has the "perfect thing" to say, it's just saying something that usually matters. Your presence, thoughts and prayers will probably bring them some comfort.
Love to you and yours,

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