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Friday, November 16, 2012

cheating *

what a traumatic day here in the king household.
lots has happened. it's been a busy day.
i am only going to highlight 2 points to show you how much balance is in my life. :)

first things first. i go to pick up campbell at 12:15 p.m.
then it's 12:20 p.m.
and then slowly turns into 12:25 p.m. and then the secretary's phone rings.
she assures me campbell is on her way.

5 more minutes pass.
and then i see mrs. benard. campbell's kindergarten teacher in the glass pane thru the door.
oh. man. something is wrong...

campbell got her card flipped for cheating today.
in my daughter's defense, of course,
my poor 5 year old didn't even know what cheating was to start off with.
her instructions were to draw a picture and write a sentence to tell about the picture.
the teacher did not tell them it was a test or assessment because then the children get nervous.
yes. campbell. :)
so their instructions were to work on their own, and that none of the teacher's could help them.
so...when campbell didn't know how to spell "outside" to complete her sentence for her picture,
I was playing outside
 she asked her neighbor to do it for her.
(as if her neighbor could even spell outside, but campbell assures me she could,
because she can spell words like Ariel  :) ).
i guess she forgot the "work on your own" part?? :)
when i asked campbell why she didn't ask the teacher, she sobbed, "because i wasn't allowed".

booooo. hooooo.
what's a mommy to do?
my girl was DEVESTATED.
she sobbed for an hour.
like the can't catch your breath kind.
mrs. benard hugged and hugged her, and told her she was not mad at her,
but didn't like her bad choice.

i guess i should have home schooled afterall.
(in mrs. benard's defense, she sent me a very, very sweet e-mail...i should post it, but  i won't. :)  )

campbell was back to her  normal self this afternoon.
and as i was getting dinner ready, i was asking her more questions,
really trying to pound in the "do your own work" thing, and only ask the teacher to help you, thing...
and campbell said,
"i just got in a little tangle today mom, that's all. i still like school."
can you love her any more?

kaycee, my 7 year old second grader comes home and tells me that
the girl who sits beside her in math cheated today.
like the pencils down at the 5 minute timer ding. and this girl picked her pencil back up when she thought
no one was looking, and filled in some more answers after consulting a number line on the wall.
ha. :)
and my shy little kaycee TOLD ON HER.
can you even BELIEVE it?? it's almost hilarious.
and  kaycee could not understand why this little girl would not look at her anymore.

do you see the balance i have here?

i just had to crack up.
pray for me. :)

there will be lots of clarifying this weekend.

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Shelby said...

Uggg..... I am really laughing, that is funny and it made my day. Today was just rough with disrespectful children:( I'll trade you.