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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

pUmpKiN cHuNkin'

so. sunday was quite the experience.
as i mentioned earlier i found out there were actual people invited to this event on saturday night.
eeeekkkk. :)

sunday rolled around, and it was a gorgeous day.
karolina was not feeling the greatest, so i was inside chatting with my mom for awhile,
just *watching* the cars stream into our lane.
i kid you not.

the whole driveway was lined , and then down to the chicken houses at one point,
and then a second line in front of this field.
i sure would have never thought so many people would come.

i am sure the weather had a lot to do with it.

this is "the machine". i cannot explain how it works.
other than it's a bit funny to watch men beat themselves to bits trying to pedal a bike...
and it's according to the number of rpm's that determines when the pumpkin is "launched"...

just some pictures of some of the crowd.
i am just now noticing some people in the tree. :)

a fun part of the day was that 2 of my cousins and their wives showed up.
the most fun part of that was that colby, pedaled...
(i have video of him...and will try to post it later. it's pretty cute).
i think he got to 270 rpms, and matt pedaled too, but i missed him, :(

their top "pedaler" is george...looking at the camera in the bottom right hand corner.
he is an avid bicycle rider.
he gets to 300 rpm's.

and this is what happens when the above george pedals his heart out.
and the pumpkin does not go where it's supposed too.

fence is fixed now.
we are thankful we had a day of gorgeous weather, and were able to be a part of such a neat event.
with no injuries. :)

you can never have enough pictures with the grandma. :)
the chunkin' people were handing stickers out to the kids.
i at first thought they were target stickers. just a quick glance i guess? :)


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