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Friday, November 23, 2012

the day after.

thanksgiving day 2012.

they will celebrate your abundant goodness & joyfully sing of your righteousness.
  ~psalm 145:7.

the day after.
a sink still loaded with dirty dishes. after loads have already gone thru the dishwasher.


 the day after i tried to joyfully serve 31 kings a brunch at 10 a.m. and dinner at 5 p.m.


[ i say this because this was the first year i felt really, really good. i mean. don't get me wrong.
i love to do this. i love to serve. people.
but this was the first year i kept my focus on the people.
(and not the fact that things didn't get done in time).
my bathrooms didn't get cleaned like i wanted. nor my windows.
in fact. the most particular aunt there was looking right across the table into a tiny, handprinted window.
it made me cringe. but there wasn't enough time.
and that was okay.
my upstairs looked like a tornado hit it. my room was a mess.
boxes of half-way gone thru christmas stuff thrown amidst the hallway.
normally, no one goes upstairs, until you have 31 people at your house.
and then. everyone finds a way upstairs.
oh well.
stop. focus.
why do i do this?
it certainly is not to showcase my home. or my pathetic effort at trying to keep things clean and tidy
with a houseful of 7 full-time living, mess making lovies, i call my family and me. :)
it is to stay connected to family. over good food. and coffee.
songs and prayers. hugs and laughter.]

we started this many, many years ago when matt and i lived in the trailer, on the back end of the farm.
no kids. just brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles.
now. we have bloomed into a houseful of gun shooting, coffee drinking, baby holding, nap taking, football watching, dog sitting, pony riding kings.

i am so grateful for the family i have become a part of.
funny how that ryan vogelsong name even comes up at the thanksgiving table.
isn't that amazing, what fame will do?
it makes me laugh. a lot. sometimes.
onto thanksgiving.
i didn't take many pictures. 
my hands were full with other things.

i love to do the brunch on my own.
i love to be able to rest and relax when i go away for dinner, and hope that that's what people can do and
feel when they come to my home. that is my heart. and my desire.

and then i accept help for the dinner portion.
like. i do not do the turkey. or ham. that's where my in-laws pop into play. :)
thank you to ALL who contributed in some way.

[i did just try to upload some. and apparently i am out of free storage.
any advice? i have no idea what this means. other than maybe i should start copying my pictures onto cd's.?
is that right?
so i don't have to pay for storage?]

anyway. it was a great day.
i was beat by the end. but that's okay. i served with a joyful heart.
and i think maybe had some fun too.

i am thankful for the same things i am always thankful for:
a healthy, hard working, God loving, providing husband, 5 healthy, life living energetic kids i was gifted, an old warm house that happens to be a part of a working farm, that sits way back off the road. vehicles, a wood stove, food, in plenty and abundance, the beach, vacations, clothes, a hot shower, summer and the sun, clean water, a dishwasher, [a fridge...i got another to put in the basement, to help with yesterday. spoiled? yes. but totally and wonderfully useful, made my life much less stressful], a comfy bed, a washer and dryer, a toilet, that flushes, cameras and pictures, a family, and many friends, cell phones and coffee, church and Jesus, and Christmas, and teachers, and love. oh there is a million things. but i will stop there.
going to pack up the kids and visit the grandma who won't remember us.
it's okay. i don't know why God allows dementia? it's very sad. and very hard.


but i am also thankful for my mom and dad.
and grandma's and grandpa's.
and sisters and brothers
and in-laws and brother and sister in laws. a fully chaotic loved life.
hope your turkey day was good. and full. and that you found love...

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