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Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas fun.

i think i have mentioned that Christmas is my favorite time of the year.
Not only has the meaning of Christmas intensified for me, since having my own babies,
but i to decorate for this special, incredibly meaningful celebration!

friday night we hosted our Sunday School Christmas party. i think we had so much fun.
i spent the day decorating more.

i had a couple cancellations, due to the weather...
so i was able to use my china afterall.

i made those simple burlap table runners.
after seeing them in a cute store in our area. ;)
yep. a total copycat i am.
the huge pine cone on the end, i spray painted.
i love it. i brought it back from chile.
so everytime i look at it, i pray for the people in chile, and remember our trip there,
which was last march...

i do not have a membership at costco because i would spend way to much money there,
but i went with my mom last week, to get some fun party foods...

the bacon wrapped scallops were worth every penny.
and i bought their "fresh" garland.
for ten bucks, it was worth every penny.
hung some outside, and then split a lot of it apart, to decorate with inside. fresh greens.
festive napkins, and some fun cinnamon stick/greens place cards,
and we called it a party.



Shelby said...

Beautiful, inviting, love it:) Warm and did I mention I LOVE IT?

heidiann(e) said...

it looks great!
so fun.