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Monday, December 30, 2013

h*appy b*irthday.

in just under 30 minutes 9  years ago, i will have given birth to my first daughter, kaycee agnes.

a world of unknowns.

i had been at a Christmas dinner that night.
feeling fine.
8 days overdue infact.

came home.
told matt as i was getting out of the car, at 9:30 p.m., that i thought i was going to have the baby.

he kind of chuckled.
he called our nurse friend, aunt nik, and told her to pick up a movie, and come over.
she asked to speak to me.
she and i decided she would forego the movie. and meet us at the birth center.

kaycee agnes king was born, in a bathtub, at 11:54 p.m.
i could not wait another 6 minutes for a new years eve baby.
it was mentioned.
maybe that made me push harder? ;)

it was my first delivery at the birth center...turned out to be the first of the next 4. :)
my first water birth...the first of the next 4. ;)
my first pregnancy being more than one day late...the first of the next 4. ;)
matt's back was broken...he was in a back brace, and off work for one month...
the first of 3 1/2 more months.
the birthing pool was being filled, but wasn't filled in time, hence the birthing in the bathtub.
must have been awesome, because i stuck with water birth from then on out.
yep. that is the way to birth a baby. ;)

fond memories as i think back nine years ago...
where life has taken us.

had a little party for kaycee today.
what fun.
we made some gingerbread cookies, and decorated them.
don't know if i have to do that again real soon, but i think they had fun. :)

happy birthday sweet kaycee agnes.
kaycee was decided on by your father. you are named after a western town, kaycee, in wyoming.
spelling and all.
agnes is after your sweet great grandma.
you look like me. exactly as i did when i was nine.
you act like me.
i cringe sometimes in fact. ;))

love you.

it's now officially 11:56 p.m.
kaycee agnes. you are 9.
thanks to maribeth, my most favorite midwife of all time, and aunt nik,
and matt.
what a team. :))

sleep good.
i am beat. :))


Shelby said...

Sweet pictures of such a fun event:) Happy Birthday sweet girl.

Adrienne Neff said...

I didn't realize Kaycee was a town in WY. Love it! Our Jackson Thayne was named after 2 towns in WY too in honor of Dustin:) And I might steal your gingerbread man idea- Chase's birthday is tomorrow and it seems like we will be snowed in!