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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

the goose pit.

so. i felt like my husband was a hunter before we got married.
but now that we *are* married is he EVER a hunter. :)

why is it that he never left for a weekend to hunt when we were dating.
but he never misses a  hunting trip now?

i w.o.n.d.e.r.

i have come to realize matt really enjoys hunting.
he tells me it's good *alone time with the Lord*
who is going to argue with that, right? ;)

whatever. alone time with God or not?
i have realized life goes much better for me, for us, if he is able to hunt.

so. yes. that means he is goose hunting with the guys on Thanksgiving morning when I am preparing
for his extended family of 37. :)
that means hours and hours of undocumented time. gone. sitting in
a) either a tree with a bow or a gun or
b) the goose pit.

this year it meant that he wanted us to come to the goose pit on Christmas day.
yes. i did.
i woke children from naps.
left the house a total wreck.
made some hot water. and packed the bags for a hot chocolate bar in the pit.
we pulled on snowsuits. dug out hats and mittens. and we were off.

Christmas afternoon.

we didn't see any geese that night.
maybe we were too loud?
but it was fun for us to see why daddy likes the goose pit so much.

not to say i understand it. ;)

but i do hope to learn to hunt soon.
so that i can understand my man better.
so i can spend more time with him. doing things that he loves to do.

maybe i will understand "the thrill of the hunt" someday.
and maybe not.

until then. i will try not to get cranky about all the time he spends hunting.
and focus on being a better help mate instead.

now. i have to pay some bills.
i really must have taken a vacation...some of these are *late. eeekkkkk.
and then we are off to the store.
and then. we are going to clean the house.

and then we are going to razzle-dazzle the new year in.

HAPPY 2013. You have been good to us.
Bring it on 2014...i wonder what you have in store for us?

My Christmas post is coming soon...
it will probably bring in the New Year.

what i didn't say, was since matt spends a lot of time hunting.
then that kind of gives me permission to sit down and drink some coffee, and read a book or some magazines. :))
apparently, i wasn't paying the bills.



Shelby said...

Girl you look cute even hunting;) Love the headband. You probably made it;) I LOVE this post. Happy New Year!!!

Angie Myer said...

You are amazing, Missy! :) Happy new year to you all!


Melissa King said...

ha.ha. are sweet. i did not make the headband, but a sweet older lady who went to my church growing up, made it. love. i would love to learn though. ;)