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Friday, January 3, 2014

the new year.

the new year has arrived.
the year i will turn 36 years old.
how does THAT happen?
the same year my husband will turn 40.

send me some good party ideas, will ya? ;)

the year my kids will keep growing by leaps and bounds.
the year i pledge to complete my weight loss journey. since all my babies, i mean.
(my baby will be 3 this year). : /
the year i pledge to spend time with Jesus at the start of -each- day.
the year i pledge to keep my desk organized for longer than 3 days.
the year i pledge to FOCUS.

yep. that is my resolution word for the year.
isn't it great?
it encompasses everything.
if i could just focus on each thing that i do, it would be grand.
but instead, i multi-task, and get a million things done in a day, but not finished.
does that make sense?


if blogger worked right for me, i would have that centered, in a different font, and really big.
but since blogger does not work correctly anymore. that is all ya get.

since i didn't get around to posting our Christmas pictures until ya go.
we had a fabulous Christmas.
Christmas Eve was spent with Matt's family and my family was together the Saturday after Christmas.
which means Christmas Day was just us. I LOVE that.
just US.
i spent most of the day in my jammies. and most of the day, the house was a wreck.
and i didn't care.
I had a fun day off. and actually. i think i took about a week off.
i am paying for that now.
but. i will probably do the same thing next year. in case you are wondering. ;))






Not Your Ordinary Anything said...

Did they get a puppy for Christmas? Cute pictures! Focus is my word for 2014 too - great minds think alike. :) ~Chelsea

Melissa King said...

NOOOO puppy for Christmas...i should have specified. : / Charlie is their uncle mark and jamie's dog...they love him. :) and yes, great minds do think alike, eigh? :)