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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

some more randomness.

is randomness even a word?

i don't think so.

but, i am going to use it anyway. :)

baby. it's cold outside.
how about it?

i haven't had to drive a crazy amount in the snow. that makes me happy.
love all you farmers who have to go out "in it" all.the.time. everyday.
no matter what.
kudos to you.
that would probably make me cranky.
i am so thankful to be a woman. :)

totally serious.
i love it when my husband treats me well.
opening car doors, stoking the fire, goes out in the cold to take care of chickens,
feeds the cows, plows the driveway, washes my car...
oh. so many things.
happy to be married to my man.
happy to be a woman. :)

Thankful for so many things in my  life for that matter.
Tickled to be a wife, and a mom.
although i feel like they are the hardest things to be on earth!!
i learn more and more everyday. not just about my kids. and how each one is different.
but about myself. as well.

these were just a few pictures taken in the last snow storm.
since then, we have had a bout of sickness run thru our household.
fevers and coughs.
so extremely thankful we were not puking.
that is the worst for me.

yesterday everyone was home from school except kaden...
and he had been home for 3 days the week before.
today, there is only 1 fever left.
that my friends is just another gift.

how are you spending the winter?
has there been much sickness in your household?
are you dreaming of spring and what you want to accomplish when it gets warm out again?
are you spending time reading by the fire, being lazy, like me? :)

oh. friends.
i hope you have a joy filled day and can find Jesus in it somewhere!
much love.

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