a cute blog.

okay...i know i am SOOOO behind on blogging. i feel like i fell in a deep black hole...in blog land, i mean, and i am just trying to climb out. ugh. actually, in all reality, i just keep doing other things...like today, i came across the cutest blog...so i thought i would share...not to mention trying to get my video footage off of my flip camera, and experiencing major technical difficulties. i'm irritated...all i want to do is blog about our trip. :)

this lady "got me" when she made some comment about her sister in law having used to teach preschool, and does all these crafty things with her kids, and she, the writer,  is more like ME, in when she talks about having fun with her kids, which in her house it means things like helping mommy clean the potty...not making crafts. :)

funny...mostly because that's totally me and my sister to a T. in talking with Meg this morning...she was making puppets with her kids, and i was organizing toys...to recycle, to keep, and to burn.  anyway, check out this cute blog...



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