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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


enough said?

this is clean laundry.
for real.
i had one of those days...where i had to laundry...because i had too...and i didn't feel like it. it sits at 10:25 pm...and the picture, it just doesn't do it justice. it's really 2 huge wicker baskets piled high, and then i just started piling it in the middle of the 2 bottom baskets. it's that bad.

oh. and there is still some in the dryer...because yesterday i hung it out on the line, and then went to do errands, and it all got sopping wet.
so...wasn't going to do that again today.

here's to popping in a movie and folding laundry.

oh...and i forgot my 3 year old is "calling" me...
 i mean screaming for me...her siblings thankfully are sleeping thru it.
she feels like her throw up is coming.
she got a bucket.
i came to post, and fold laundry.


the good news is:

* i went out for breakfast this morning with a girlfriend...and
 we scored at a thrift shop before calling it a morning.

* i am almost all done weeding outside for the bridal shower i am
hosting for my soon-to-be sister-in-law on sunday. huge.

* and i really do have fresh flowers on my kitchen table...

                                        so...ignore the laundry. :)


Kendra said...

I feel like I can get the laundry wahsed and dried, but folded and then put away is a whole other story! it will still be there! hope to get together soon!

Mark Buckwalter said...

hey missy enjoyed your posts about the trip. Just had to smile about the laundry. way too familar! we have no ac so i am not very motivated to do laundry or dishes lately. my pile takes up half our laundry room...oh well.
have a good one!
love ya,
and Happy Birthday to Kaden....had totally wanted to call him yesterday...oh well again!