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Monday, July 26, 2010

jamie's bridal shower.

what a day.
what else can i say.

[we were on a motorcycle ride most of the day sat...and i shouldn't have been...even though it was so much fun]
so...i stayed home from church to get ready for the 2 pm start to my
soon to be sister-in-law, jamie's, bridal shower....HERE. 

this is the cake...isn't it stunning?

very, very few "before" pictures...

and this is the devestation.  :)

 i was completely and totally THANKFUL that i took the time to clean my house on sunday morning! a few people had gone thru the food line, when it started lightning, and just like that it was pouring....TOTALLY  pouring. we were dodging food into the house, throwing gifts in the door...there were about 8/40 people who got sopping, and i mean TOTALLY sopping wet. i got out my bath towels to help them dry off. Infact...the tent collapsed on precious ruth ann as she was gathering stuff into a table cloth, trying to get as much as she could inside...

so...i quickly tried to re-organize with a kitchen full of people in my way. :)  drinks were left outside, plates, dip, mustard and ketchup....ugh. so, i was pulling things out of my pantry, passing out cokes from my fridge. oh yeah... and the power promptly went off. :) oh yeah, number two...all the men had left...just us women here...after about 10 or 15 minutes of no power, i did decide to turn on the generator, which was a good move, as we did not get power back until 7 pm...the start of our next party...our sunday school class. :)

(it was purely the Lord LAUGHING in my face. we wanted to have the sunday school party while all the tents were set up...ha. ha. ha. what tents?)

regardless of the chaos, people really seemed to have a good time and stayed until  5 pm or so...lots of this...

and this going on...all throughout my HOT house. :)

yep. it turned out to be completely inside, as the rain hammered on outside, for hours...memorable, if nothing else, right? :) the Lord confirmed by many how calm and relaxed i can be in the midst of the storm...there was plenty of panic from everyone else to go around. :) no one needed the hostess to lose it. :)

   Congratulations  Mark and Jamie!

 We are excited for you, and can't wait for your big day! Thanks Lori for all your help and direction in throwing Jamie a once in a lifetime experience. :)


Megan said...

Wow Girl...way to hold it together. Looks like it was still a beautiful shower...hope it wasnt't too much stress! Call me.

Anonymous said...

ha! doesn't the Lord have a sense of humor? did you still have your sunday school class too? you are truely amazing!
love you

Jane said...

Wow, well i sure am glad i didn't have to hold it together without power for a house full of people...we were without power for 38hours here...just got it back at 5am this morning...but, fortunately it was just the four of us...unfortunately we just did a huge grocery shopping on sat...but we did get a hold of some dry ice so we didn't loose, off to clean up the basement which is where we had all been sleeping for two night b/c it's way cooler down there. Looks like a fun party, but that is no surprise, yours always look that way! Oh, hey, we might be up in PA next week...are you around if so?

Jen said...

Wow! You're a great hostess. :-)

So, did you make that beautiful cake???

Jen McG

Missy. said...

lori and i actually said we made the cake, totally joking. jamie actually believed was kinda funny. she was obviously really tired or not thinking or something. :) the cake was a crazy amount of money...crazy. out of a bakery in downingtown...missy.

Life with Kaishon said...

The cake is ADORABLE. Oh my goodness. How perfect! Thank heavens you cleaned! Wow. Can you even imagine! How nice of you to throw this shower!