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Saturday, August 28, 2010

are you too busy?

 1. do you fold socks (or perform any household task) after midnight?
 2. do you skip meals to fulfill responsiblities, (or stay skinny?)...just kidding. i
          added that last part. ;)
 3. are you ever late because of overlapping responsibilities?
 4. do you travel over the speed limit even when you're not in a hurry?
 5. do you feel torn between family and responsibilities?
 6. do you fall asleep as soon as you sit down?
 7. do you drink coffee/caffeine to stay awake?
 8. do you get sick easily?
 9. do you fight irritability?
10. do you have difficulty sleeping?
11. do you lie awake worrying about things you need to do the next day?
12. do you feel guilty if you do nothing?

here's the scoring:

if you answered yes to 4 or more, you're dealing with symptoms of a stressful lifestyle.

if you answered yes to 6 or more, it's time to evaluate family and spiritual priorities.

if you answered yes to 8 or more, take back control of your life.

                  (-T.Suzanne Eller, Today's Christian Woman, July/August 2000)


Megan said...

Hmmm....first thing on the "to do list" tomorrow is take back control of my life....thanks for the reminder. Have a great day Monday sending your littles to school....I'll be praying for you-

Kendra said...

wow, can answer yes to almost all of those, not good!